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St. Patrick's Day Shandy

Shandys made healthy -  sans all the food coloring and calories
March 17, 2021

Thinking of ways to drink a bit healthier this St Patricks Day? Traditionally it has been full green (food-colored) beer or Shandies full of sugary lemonade or Sprite. Instead, we have found a way to replace all that with AVEC. Our Yuzu & Lime has no calories or sugar and our Jalapeño and Blood Orange has sub 20 calories/4g of sugar per can.

Side note: We think Shandies are gonna be the next wave of  drinks – think about the time where the world just caught on to the idea of a "spritz." The Shandy is going to have its time soon!

Yuzu & Lime 
*We used Threes Brewing Kicking & Screaming Fermented Pilsner which has notes of "Soft Minerals, Saazy, Nilla Wafers, Golden, Refined." We love how its crisp tastes pairs with citrus of our Yuzu & Lime. It creates a sour beer-like taste that is approachable.
Jalapeño & Blood Orange
**We went with Helles Lager from Folksbier, it is unfiltered and fruity paired well with the juicy spice of our Jalapeño & Blood Orange. Turns out the combo is dangerously light and way too drinkable.
For one glass pour 3 parts beer and 1 part AVEC.
Really we recommend sharing with friends so for a big serve, pour out a full can of AVEC and full pint of beer and you have a great low sugar drink to celebrate the day.


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