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Q&A with Atelier Saucier Co-Founders Nikki and Staci

An interview with ATELIER SAUCIER co-founders Nikki and Staci in celebration of AVEC and ATELIER SAUCIER's holiday kit, The Napkins and Cocktails Kit.
November 30, 2022

We were honored to collaborate with Atelier Saucier to design custom embroidered cocktail napkins that pair perfectly with our mixers, and create a very special ready-to-drink + ready-to-gift for the holiday season. Atelier Saucier is a woman-founded and led company LA. We sat down with Nikki and Staci, the two leading women of the brand, for a little happy hour chat. 


Why did you start Atelier Saucier and what makes it different?

We first met through mutual friends at a famous Los Angeles concert venue, The Troubadour. During the pre-show they played a Robyn song (Dancing On My Own) and we danced our hearts out and knew there was something special between us. We soon learned that we both shared an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for design + entertaining. We spent years dreaming up ways in which we could marry our professional backgrounds (food + fashion). Nikki was working on a restaurant project that requested elevated, modern, sustainable table linens. She searched high + low and couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. Staci suggested that we create them ourselves, sourcing the textiles locally and tapping into her fashion industry contacts to produce them in Los Angeles - and ATELIER SAUCIER was born!

All of our linens are made from sustainably-sourced and repurposed textiles. We hand-pick surplus, premium fabrics so that no two styles of linens are alike. We love working with unique textures including luxe linens, rich cottons, fresh denims, and sumptuous chambrays. Think low maintenance, heirloom-quality materials that wash and wear like a dream – just like your favorite pair of jeans. Additionally, alluding to Staci’s fashion background, we design two seasonally-inspired Collections a year which always keeps our assortment feeling fresh and current.

Favorite drinking story (with or without alcohol)?

This past Summer, we had a bit of a wild night out in New York City with Staci’s mother-in-law’s best friend, who is in her early 70’s. She taught us a thing or two about how to take on the night! We started the evening at 6:30PM for dinner a lovely Upper East Side restaurant. Fast forward to two bottles of red wine, 3 martinis, and 3 bar hops later, we were dancing in her beautiful apartment (to, you guessed it, Robyn!) until 2AM in the morning.

What is one thing you want to do the next time you drink with someone?

We have been wanting to get a tattoo that celebrates our brand for years, but can never seem to find the opportunity. The next time we are popping some bubbly, this is the first thing on our must do list!

Something you are trying to get better at?

As small business owners, it can be difficult to turn off work-mode, especially during the Holiday season - the busiest time of year for a brand like ours. We are constantly encouraging each other to seek balance in our day-to-day, as it can be easy to work until the late hours of the evening!


Favorite AVEC pairing?

We are obsessed with AVEC’s new Napkins and Cocktails Kit. It pairs AVEC's Ginger and the Hibiscus & Pomegranate mixers with festive garnishes and custom embroidered ATELIER SAUCIER collaboration cocktail napkins. Perfect as a hostess gift, or to enjoy yourself — this will be our go-to for the upcoming holiday season!


Click here to see our ready-to-gift Napkins and Cocktail Kit in collaboration with Atelier Saucier. 

AVEC and Atelier Saucier's Napkins and Cocktail Kit


Based in Los Angeles, ATELIER SAUCIER is a modern tablescape design house for sustainable + customizable linens. With backgrounds in the food + fashion industries, founders (and best friends) Nikki Reed and Staci Inspektor set out to combine their varied experiences and shared passion for hosting; and introduce a fresh, elevated perspective to all things table linens. ATELIER SAUCIER is where entertaining, dining and design intersect.


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