Sober Swaps 2021 avec Ruby Warrington, Ghia, No&Low, and Three Spirit 

Discussing what it means to drink, not drink, or to do a little flexi-drinking

AVEC can be drunk both with and without (dare we say sans) alcohol. Either drunk alone or paired with any number of the delicious zero-proof spirits out there.

To honor Sober October, we brought together writers, experts, and creators in the emerging non-alcoholic (also known as "NA") space to talk about what it means to rethink the way we drink and to be curious about the choices we make.  

Whether full-proof or zero-proof, this panel was full of spirit. Moderated by Rachel Cantor, writer for the Sidekick/Morningbrew newsletter, and hosted by Alex Doman, Co-founder of AVEC, we invited Ruby Warrington, author of Sober Curious, Melanie Masarin, Founder of Ghia, Massimo Borrelli, Co-founder at No & Low Geyan Surendran, Head Alchemist at Three Spirit, to chat.

Watch the recap below!

PS: For two pairings we love, try Ghia avec Yuzu & Lime or Three Spirit Livener avec Hibiscus & Pomegranate. Just add 2 oz of spirit plus AVEC and garnish with lime!


Panel pre-start. When did you first recognize NA spirits were a thing and what are some stigmas about it?

Why a feeling, gin, and the UK all have roots in the NA space

Panel kickoff and intros

What does “sober-curious” mean? And how its definition has evolved since 2015

What is wrong with “moderation?”

18:55 -19:57
58% of people have never heard about non-alc category. Why do we think this is?

19:53 -20:40
Is the valuation of the non alc category inflated

Why the NA space is not a Shirley Temple or old grape juice  in a bottle anymore

Taking back drinking from alcohol and what it means to belong

Why hotels, bars, and clubs are missing out on sales and why bartenders are allies

Our favorite zero proof drinks

What is your favorite part about being sober or sober-curious?

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