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Drink Better

At AVEC, we say we are on a mission to drink better. So - what do we mean by this and why do we care?
February 08, 2021

First off, “drink better” is an oxymoron - or at least a mild contradiction. Drinking too much alcohol is unequivocally bad for you while drinking in moderation is perhaps ok, perhaps not. So if drinking is mostly bad for you - why bother trying to drink better?

Because drinking, as you & I well know, is worth saving. There is something magic about the culture that surrounds drinking - meeting up for a glass of wine post work with friends, having fun as a plus one at a wedding, watching football in a crowded bar. So magic is this social lubricant that it is proven that societies that drink form better connections & are happier. Oh - and whisper it - drinking is fun. Without it we all take ourselves far too seriously.

But we want to encourage a new way of drinking - where people can choose how much or how little alcohol is in their drink - and can do so without having to drink a ton of sugar, preservatives or calories. Think of a new “drink better” lifestyle being like a “flexi-tarian” diet - about choice & moderation not about cutting out whole food groups or starving yourself.

While this is part of broader movement, AVEC is focused on one little corner of the drinking world that just isn’t pulling its weight. MIXERS. While the spirit world gets ever more exciting (although I’m not sure I can handle another picture of an agave farm) - mixers still suck: sugary sodas & juices, tasteless soda water, and down right nasty pre-made “margarita mixes”.

So - we are on a mission to change all this - to drink better.

Better ingredients
Unlike other mixers we use 100% REAL INGREDIENTS - no “natural flavor”. All of our deliciousness is from a splash of fresh juice (never from concentrate) and a mixture of natural botanicals, like extracts from real fruits, herbs, and spices. Our ingredients are inspired by what the world has to offer & from our travels around it. We are inspired by different cultures & want to make the best of what the world has to offer available more widely - e.g. Yuzu from Japan, Pomelo from South East Asia, and Blood Orange from Italy.

Better for you
All of our products have dramatically less sugar & calories. The small amount of sugar in our products is naturally occurring (fructose rather than sucrose!). Imagine having a ginger beer for your Moscow Mule or grapefruit soda for your Paloma, but with 80-90% less sugar & calories. It’s a win-win!

Image of  AVEC Grapefruit & Pomelo nutrition label next to chopping board of fruits

Better for the environment
While we’re only at the start of our journey with AVEC, we are signing up to the 1% for the Planet Pledge with grand plans to reduce waste & supply chain miles. We use recycled aluminum cans that are made locally in Brooklyn, NY. We take pride in our ingredients and strive to work with farmers that care about how their products are grown. We promise to take the environment into consideration in every decision we make.

Better together
We are big believers in the mantra that diversity is the spice of life. Or more scientifically - that diverse teams are smarter teams. Diversity is one of AVEC’s most important ingredients. With founders from diverse backgrounds, customers with a wide range of experiences, and flavors from around the world, diversity is central to who we are and what we do.

To drinking better!

Alex & Dee

picture of Alex Doman and Denetrias Charlemagne Co-founders AVEC drinks laughing



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