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Let's Get Cheesy: How to Pair Murray's Cheese with AVEC

We love hosting hack and wondered what we could learn about pairing cheese avec... well, AVEC. Learn how to pair fine cheeses from Murray's Cheese with AVEC's effervescent cocktail mixers, thanks to cheeseboard expert Berry and the Boards.
December 09, 2021

Reiss, Murray’s Cheese's cheese-expert, most recently competed in a professional cheese competition and paired the cheese with AVEC Yuzu & Lime rather than a glass of traditional wine. If AVEC x Murray’s is good enough for a competitive cheesemonger, then we know it will be a jaw-dropping addition to your hosting spread.

We were intrigued & love a hosting hack - so wanted to explore AVEC x Cheese a little more.

And because we know that creating the perfect presentation is half the battle we we roped in Alaura, curator of @berryandtheboards, to show us how to make a cheeseboard that would make Martha Stewart jealous.  

Here are three fun tips we learned from it all: 

1. Same, same or different when it comes to pairing cheese with drinks. Pair a sour cheese with something sweet. Or something spicy with something smooth like a cheddar

    Suggested Pairing

    🧀 Pair AVEC Yuzu & Lime with an Alpine style cheese like Murray's Cave Aged Original Buttermilk Basque, Murray's Cave Aged Reserve Annelies, and/or Murray's 18 Month Aged Comté. Hailing from the Alps, where this style of cheese derives its name, these large wheels are known for being firm, toothsome, and distinctly nutty and pair extremely well with the feisty, bright, and slightly bitter taste of yuzu. 

    Cheese caves of Murray's Cheese

    Fun fact: the “cave aged” varieties are wheels of cheese are stored in climate-controlled caves that Murray’s literally built underneath the concrete jungle of New York City to ensure their cheese wheels develop the best possible flavor and remain fresh for when it comes time to serve the dairy delicacy at your family table. 

    2. It is all about the texture. Berry and the Boards has some great how-tos (we love this how to make a small board tutorial), but the biggest tip of all is that you should consider texture. Our AVEC charcuterie spread has berries, cheese, and even some herbs to make the board pop.

      Suggested Pairing

      🌺 Pair AVEC Hibiscus & Pomegranate mixed with Gin and Gruyere Murray's Cave Age. 

      3. Don’t be afraid to get a bit spicy. While it is not recommended to pair cheese with too many spices, jalapeño contains capsaicin, the ingredient that makes it HOT.  One of the most effective counters to spicy capsaicin is casein, a major building block of cheese. So sometimes you can pair the two flavors in a way that doesn’t cancel each other out but enhances both. #Chemistry.

      Suggested Pairing

      🌶 AVEC Jalapeño & Blood Orange with Tequila and Clothbound Cheddar

       Murray's Cheese and AVEC

      Maybe holiday wishes do come true: you can now shop AVEC at the iconic Murray’s Cheese on Bleecker Street here in New York City. Since 1940, Murray’s has been the premiere artisanal cheese destination in New York City — showcasing that cheese can be more than orange or hard.  

      If you’re in New York City, we invite you to stop by Murray’s on Bleecker for some cheese and AVEC during our complimentary upcoming tasting on Dec 18th. Follow us on Instagram for more tasting updates!. You can always stop by Murray’s or order online ahead of your upcoming holiday gatherings (and grab some AVEC too!).

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