AVEC Moscow Mule

A low sugar and low calorie alternative to the traditional Moscow Mule Recipe

The New Moscow Mule - (less sugar, fewer calories, same kick)

Did you know that the Moscow Mule was invented on the West Coast of the US of A in the 1940s? The original fifth columnist, the classic vodka classic was named after the mother country of its spirit & the mule-like kick from the ginger. Like any great cocktail yarn, the story just gets weirder. It's only served in a copper mug - because local vendor had too many!!

Usually jfour ingredients, the Moscow Mule and its shiny copper cup are about 200 calories and a heaving 13 grams of sugar.

The AVEC Moscow Mule - only has 2g of sugar and can be just two ingredients! Just add half a can of AVEC ginger with vodka. Add a fresh squeeze of lime if you're feeling fancy.


1.5 oz vodka (or bourbon for a Kentucky Mule)
4oz of AVEC Ginger
Squeeze from a wedge of lime
stir over ice


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