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Apple Pie-in-a-Glass featuring Du Nord Social Spirits Apple Liqueur

Create a simple yet rich winter cocktail featuring Du Nord Craft Spirits' Apple Liqueur mixed with AVEC Ginger. It's like grandma's famous apple pie was served in a glass.
November 19, 2021

Why eat apple pie when you could drink apple pie? We have crafted a cocktail with Du Nord Social Spirits Apple Liqueur that tastes like grandma blended up her famous apple pie and served it up in a cocktail glass with Thanksgiving dinner. Read below for the recipe and to learn more about America’s first Black-owned distillery.

Du Nord Apple Liqueur with AVEC Ginger for an Apple Pie-in-a-Glass Cocktail

Apple Pie-In-A-Glass
2 oz. Du Nord Apple Liqueur
4 oz. AVEC Ginger
+Cinnamon and Red Apple Slice for garnish
Chill your AVEC Ginger. Using either a rimming dish or a small plate, rim a lowball glass with cinnamon. Pour the cinnamon onto the dish. Use water, lime, or lemon to wet the rim of a lowball glass and then dip the rim into the cinnamon. Pour 2 ounces of Du Nord Apple Liqueur into the glass. Top with AVEC Ginger (about 4 ounces). Garnish with a thinly sliced piece of red apple. Enjoy.

Du Nord Social Spirits' Apple Liqueur begins its journey on a Minnesota orchard, and the juice is blended with spirits made from Minnesota corn and then lightly spiced. The result is a sweet but subtle apple flavor fresh from the fields of the north to your glass. You’ll taste notes of bold, tart apple flavor sweetened by brown sugar caramel (like an apple pie in your mouth). Spices and orange perfectly compliment the punchy AVEC Ginger, creating a warming winter cocktail that is low in sugar despite tasting like dessert.

Du Nord Social Spirits was founded by Chris Montana of Minnaeoplis and is the first Black-owned distillery in the country making vodka, gin, whiskey and liqueurs. Family-founded and family-operated, Chris and his wife Shanelle are the duo making moves in the predominantly-White spirit category. The duo have grown and transformed the distillery into a small producer into a spirit producer that can supply a major airline company: Delta Airlines. That’s right, you can actually purchase Du Nord Social Spirits on any Delta flight. Because Each product is focused on only fresh ingredients without any additive dyes or syrups that can be typically of less-craft liqueurs, in particular, drinking better is possible even at 35,000 feet in the air. As a Black-owned brand ourself, we have to cheers to the great work that Chris, Shanelle and the entire Du Nord team have done in just under the past decade.

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