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A Dry January Giveback

10% of AVEC Cocktail Proceeds for Community Fridges
January 17, 2022

This January, amongst our aims of Dry January, moving to a lifestyle of flexi-drinking, being cleaner in what we eat, and also simply battling what it means to be in NYC when it’s freaking cold, we wanted to do something to give back. 

Spawned by seeing someone open a fridge full of free food in the middle of winter – and not the bad stuff, but fresh produce, pantry items like beans and grains, and even a couple of high-end frozen meals – our team decided to get involved in helping community fridges. Clean ingredients are a core value of AVEC, and we believe all should have access to them. Our research led us to In Our Hearts, a grassroots organization of people who each and every day volunteer to pick up donations from grocers and stores and drop them off at 80+ fridges around the city. 

We have partnered with 5 restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan to offer cocktails and mocktails to give back. 10% of AVEC drink sales will go to In Our Hearts – who plan to use the fund to support a supply of electric-powered bikes to allow for more seamless pickup and to for gas, repairs, and other maintenance required for the fridges.

Check out the menu at the below restaurants. Let us tell you – the cocktails are GOOD.


Joseph Leonard, 170 Waverly Pl, West Village 

Sauce Restaurant, 78 Rivington St, Lower East Side 


Hi Hi Room, 138 Smith St, Cobble Hill, Mocktail

Public Records, 233 Butler St, Gowanus,

Rhodora Wine Bar, 197 Adelphi St, Forte Greene


menu of AVEC  drinks at restaurants in NYC




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