Meet the new way to mix.

Hi, we’re Alex and Dee. Two friends on a quest to drink better.

We believe in the power of drinking to bring people together. Alcoholic or not. We believe that connections with others is the most important thing in life and  that this can be solved by sharing a drink.

Yet , what we pair with our booze,  or more fancily pair with our spirit sucks. Why, we asked ourselves, should you have to choose between delicious cocktails full of sugar or vodka sodas that taste like crap? Why can’t you have drinks that are both delicious & better for you? Why compromise? Why do mixers suck? 

The flavours - cranberry, orange, or nothing sodas -- are unimaginative.  The companies, run by undiverse teams, are less progressive and focus on the traditions and heritage of that status quo. So we set us out to solve this compromise and create a brand fit for you, the modern drinker.

Join us on our mission to drink better.

Better Ingredients

Unlike other mixers we use 100% REAL INGREDIENTS - no “natural flavor”. All of our deliciousness is from a splash of fresh juice (never from concentrate) and a mixture of natural botanicals (fancy terminology for extracts from real fruits, herbs & spices). 

Our drinks also draw from the taste and experience of more than one culture, we inspired by the best that the world has to offer - Yuzu from Japan, Pomelo from South East Asia & Blood Orange from Italy.

Better for you

All of our products have dramatically less sugar & calories. The limited amount of sugar that is in our products is naturally occurring (and fructose rather than sucrose!). Think of having a ginger beer for a Moscow Mule or grapefruit soda for a Paloma but with 80-90% less sugar & calories.

Better for the environment

Here we are at the beginning of our journey. We are signing up to the 1% for the Planet and have grand plans to dramatically reduce waste & supply chain miles. We use recycled aluminum cans and are made locally in Brooklyn. We take pride in our ingredients and strive to work with farmers that care about how their products are grown. We promise to take the environment into consideration in every decision we make

Better together

Diversity = better results. We are big believers in the mantra that diversity is the spice of life. Or more scientifically - that diverse teams are smarter. Diversity has been a key ingredient in AVEC. With founders with diverse backgrounds, customers with a wide range of POV, and flavours from around the world, diversity is central to how we are and what we do.