Meet the new way to mix.

Hi, we’re Alex and Dee. Two friends on a quest to drink better.

Growing up in London & New York, we learned the power of connecting over a good drink first hand. Whether it was a bar, pub, or someone's home, the act of getting together and sharing a drink was where it all happened - friendships made, break-ups debriefed, & laughter shared.

But over the years, we started to pay more attention to what we were drinking. 

That’s when we noticed that the “mixers” we were pairing with our booze suck! Sodas and juices full of sugar and nasties. Tasteless, uninspiring vodka-sodas. Tired branding made by flat, faceless corporations. 

Put simply, mixers are not made for the modern drinker.

Today, people can do just about anything. We’re making meat in a lab. Thinking about launching a colony on Mars. 

So we thought: Hey, we can probably do a better job with what we mix with our alcohol.

Better for your tastebuds

We use 100% REAL INGREDIENTS. Our deliciousness comes from the real thing -- a splash of real juice, like blood orange, pineapple or yuzu, and a blend of natural botanicals from real ingredients, like jalapeño, lemongrass or pomelo.

Better for your body

Our drinks have dramatically less sugar than other mixers. Like 80-90% less. Our sweeteners are naturally occurring. You know, from nature. Not a laboratory.

Better for the environment

Here we are at the beginning of our journey. We are part of 1% for the Planet and have grand plans to dramatically reduce waste & supply chain miles. We use recycled aluminum cans and are made locally in Brooklyn. We take pride in our ingredients and strive to work with farmers that care about how their products are grown. We promise to take the environment into consideration in every decision we make,

Better together

Diversity = better results. We are big believers in the mantra that diversity is the spice of life. Or more scientifically - that diverse teams are smarter. Diversity has been a key ingredient in AVEC. With founders with diverse backgrounds, customers with a wide range of POV, and flavours from around the world, diversity is central to how we are and what we do.