Founder Story

Hi, we’re Alex and Dee. Two friends on a quest to drink better.

Growing up in London & New York, we learned the power of connecting over a good drink first hand. Whether it was a bar, pub, or someone's home, the act of getting together and sharing a drink was where it all happened - friendships made, break-ups debriefed, & laughter shared.

But over the years, we started to pay more attention to what we were drinking. 

That’s when we noticed that the “mixers” we were pairing with our booze suck! Sodas and juices full of sugar and nasties. Tasteless, uninspiring vodka-sodas. Tired branding made by flat, faceless corporations. 

Put simply, mixers are not made for the modern drinker.

Today, people can do just about anything. We’re making meat in a lab. Thinking about launching a colony on Mars. 

So we thought: Hey, we can probably do a better job with what we mix with our alcohol.