AVEC Tom Collins

A healthy update on a classic gin cocktail

The classic Tom Collins calls for gin, lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water. Delicious. but honestly, are we still just dumping two spoonfuls of refined sugar into a glass? and hoping for the best? Kind of a joke, no?

Speaking of jokes, turns out the name “Tom Collins” is from a really lame joke that went whatever the 1870s version of “viral” is. Newspapers wrote about it and it was officially titled the “The Great Tom Collins Hoax of 1874.” The joke went something like this

Person 1 approaches a friend at the bar

Person 1: “Have you ever met Tom Collins?”

Person 2: “No, I have never made his acquaintance.”

Person 1: “Perhaps you had better do so, and as quick as you can, for he is talking about you in a very rough manner — calling you hard names, and convincing people there is nothing you wouldn't steal short of a red-hot stove.” (Translation, Tom Collins is talking crap about you)

Person 2 (now upset): “What?!?” Storms off.

But, the “joke” was Tom Collins didn’t exist. 

Anyway. Don’t use the joke at your next cocktail party as Facebook & Google have ruined all the fun (again). But do use our updated recipe!

AVEC Tom Collins
2oz Gin
(we like to use any premium gin that isn’t “Dry London Gin” - traditionally made with Old Tom gin)
Squeeze of lemon juice
(don’t be shy)
AVEC Yuzu & Lime
Stir gin & juice over ice & strain. Top with 4oz Yuzu & Lime. Add a maraschino cherry.
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